Age Is Not A Factor In Fitness

Today, we know that fitness doesn’t depend on age. Physicians are warning about an encroaching obesity epidemic threatening today’s children, while more adults are realizing the benefits of fitness. Beyond leading to a longer and healthier life, we now understand that being physically fit as we age tends to keep us more energetic, more attractive and more interested in all life has to offer.

One easy way to get back to those higher energy levels of our youth is to increase our fitness levels – and an easy, painless way to begin that process is to start with isometric exercise.

Isometric exercise involves isolating a single muscle, or muscle group, and using the body’s natural resistance to exercise that muscle. For abdominal muscles, it can mean something as simple as tensing the muscles while sitting up straight and breathing deeply. Isometric exercise is the ultimate in low impact, using all the muscle groups without putting undo strain on any of them.

Because the exercises are done in short repetitions, they can be done whenever you have a few minutes. You don’t have to go to a gym, and you don’t have to schedule a rigid block of time for exercise. Many isometric exercises can even be done while driving, watching TV or sitting behind a desk.

Another advantage of isometric exercise is that it promotes the most effectual use of oxygen in the body, helping the muscles burn calories more efficiently. That means you can get more energy while eating the same amount of food – because the calories you take in become energy instead of fat!

Isometric exercises help promote weight loss and increase energy by simply encouraging you to keep moving at times when you might otherwise be completely at rest. Something as simple as flexing and holding the glut muscles (those are the muscles in your buttocks) as you sit and stand means that over the course of the day those muscles get worked dozens of times, leading to a stronger, more shapely backside. Remembering to “suck it in” every time you answer the phone can help a belly disappear.

The simplicity of isometric exercise makes such a program easy to stick to, as well. Because it does not wear you out or require a lengthy time commitment, isometric exercises start toning your muscles and releasing more of your energy into your activities without hardly any effort or commitment from you. Once you see how well the simple exercises work, you’ll want to add more advanced isometric exercise for even better and faster results.