Benefits of Hip-Hop

For me, I felt heavy then. I looked heavy for me, although I wasn’t necessarily a pin-up for weight loss in other people’s eyes. I didn’t have much energy and that of course could be blamed on my child.

Somehow my daughter’s dance school instructor convinced me that adult hip-hip was a must for me. She’s a very hyper lady and had all this energy. I saved up.

After four weeks, I started to lose weight. The workout felt gentle and relaxed. I wasn’t bored but the main thing was the weight. I’m not talking about a nip here and a tuck here. I’m talking about real amounts of fat. If it takes over two thousand calories to lose a pound of fat, then in that once a week class for an hour, I must have been well into the thousands.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a lie about at the best of times. I always walk. My favorite sports are swimming, basketball and walking.

But this class was amazing. After eight weeks, there went the love handles and so on and so on. Just that five month period once a week, I lost about twenty pounds that I never gained back. And that was one full ladies size.

It didn’t run in the September session but I started again in January.

After the first four weeks, I was really gaining muscle and losing fat. But now I’m three months into the same class more or less and I’ve already lost about thirty pounds. I have lost one complete ladies size so now I am closing in on the size 12 I used to be.

If they don’t run this in September, I’m hiring my own home tutor and inviting people to come. I don’t care. This is incredible.

Imagine the difference of two sizes in just two five month sessions of once a week for an hour? Ladies, this is completely unreal, sounds like a fairy tale but is totally the way I’m going to go. It doesn’t require any alteration in eating or lifestyle choices, just a gentle to intense workout for an hour.