Benefits of Little Exercise

Additionally, many studies suggest that people who have applied more efficient mechanisms for burning fat are able to stay slim & fit. Here are some tips to go along well with exercise & weight loss:

  • Brisk workouts are not sure shot methods to burn great numbers of calories immediately. Slow and gradual exercises elevate the metabolism that lasts for few minutes after light exercise & for several hours after heavy exercise. So, frequent light exercise or physical activity is more effective than strenuous exercise done once.
  • Fidgeting is another trick to keep your pounds off. There is no comparison for regular exercise, but for people with deskbound jobs, frequently shifting positions while sitting is beneficial.
  • The treadmill has turned out to be the most helpful & standard aerobic machines to burn the calories. Short multiple bouts with treadmill or frequent exercise sessions of 10 minutes in a day are found to be most effective weight loss program for obese people.
  • Exercise enriches one’s psychological well being and replaces sedentary habits that usually lead to unnecessary eating. Some studies have shown that exercise may even act as a mild appetite suppressant. People who do regular exercise are apt to remain on a diet plan.
  • oResistance, or strength, training does an excellent job in weight loss. If it is integrated with balanced diet & regular exercise, it works exceptionally by replacing fat with muscles.
  • People on weight loss regimen should be self motivated & aware of the common phenomenon of weight loss. As one gets to slimming down, the rate of losing weight & burning of calories may reduce. Thus, one should keep on exercising regularly without getting discouraged.
  • People approaching old age must exercise regularly to keep off the same amount of weight.