Reasons to Avoid Exercise

Feeling better leads to more energy. More energy leads to doing more work.

You will live longer. Again, a troubling development. Living longer can only mean one thing… more bills. More taxes to pay, more groceries to buy, and you know your clothes will wear out eventually. Living longer also puts you at risk of all of your clothes going out of style, forcing the additional expense of new clothing. Research has proven over and over again that people who perform some type of exercise on a regular basis live longer, there’s no denying it. Sure we all know someone that didn’t do a healthy thing in their life and still manage to keep living, but why take that chance?

Living longer leads to more bills.

You will be less stressed. NO STRESS?! How will I get anything done? For some people, the only thing that gets them out of bed in the morning is the stress of potentially losing their job if they don’t get there on time. Stress is fuel for life! Stress let’s you know you’re still alive! When you wasted your time and didn’t study for the big final that was worth 50% of your total grade, what helped you stay up all night and study? That’s right, stress. Reducing or eliminating stress in your life sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Lowering stress levels could spell financial disaster.

Your sex life will increase. For many married people, this is not a good thing. While increasing your sexual activity sounds good in theory, it can really make things complicated. Who will watch your favorite t.v. shows? You’ve invested a lot of time in those characters and finding out what is going to happen to them each week cannot just be ignored. Ratings will go down, shows will be canceled and the actors will be out of work. Just think about that.

Increasing your sex life will put people out of work.

You won’t be as hungry, you’ll have less cravings. What?! Does this sound like a good thing to anyone? I love eating my favorite foods. Pizza, hamburgers, burritos are all part of the most enjoyable things in life. Less cravings will mean a serious decrease in my enjoyment of my favorite foods. Sure I can still eat them with some regularity, but my drive to eat them every single day will go down. That can only lead to weight loss and a decrease in my capacity to maintain my ability to eat an entire pizza on my own.

Get a Firm and Shapely Booty

Traditional Squats

The squat is a compound exercise (works all the muscles simultaneously in that muscle group) and top-class for adding shape to your bottom. Include this exercise first in your bun training to ensure you target the entire glute muscle simultaneously.

Use a variety of rep ranges and sets. It’s safest to squat until your upper legs (from knee to hip) are parallel to the floor. However, at times you can squat past parallel, provided the poundage you use is light. Also, with light poundage you can vary foot placement and foot width to further target other areas of the upper legs.

Pile Squats

Further extend the traditional squat by adding pile squats to your program. Pile squats can add some variety and help target the muscles of the inner and outer thighs to a much greater degree.

If you are unfamiliar with the pile squats it’s simply taking a wide-stance with your toes pointing outward. Hold a dumbbell in front of you and squat straight down and rise back in a controlled manner.

Reverse Partial Squats

Training a muscle in its strongest position, which is the contraction point, it a sure fire way to build strength and muscle fast. However, there is another side to training a muscle to its fullest, and that’s hitting the weakest part of the lift.

The strongest range of a traditional squat is from the last few inches to contraction point (standing upright). Therefore, if you want to work the weakest range, then that would be from it’s stretched position (squatted position) to roughly mid-point.

Simply put, rather than doing the traditional full range squat, you will be squatting from the bottom position to mid point, back down to the squatted position.

To ensure safety on this exercise, you should perform these either with dumbbells or in the squat cage. Set up the safety rails in the squat cage so they are just below the barbell when you are in your full squatted position. You don’t want the safety rails to touch your barbell as you squat, but it’s there just in case you can’t complete your set or you lose your balance.


Lunges are great for working all the muscles in your upper legs and glutes. This is an essential exercise, yet often neglected. Lunges can be performed in a variety of fashions such as walking lunges, reverse lunges, side lunges and so forth.

The Stepper

The stepper is a great way to get cardio in, as well as build and shape your legs and glutes. The stepper requires you to use your legs and glutes to move the foot platforms up and down.

Eliminate Cellulite Through Exercising

It is important to remember that cellulite is not related to being overweight. Average and thin people also get cellulite.

The exacta cause of cellulite is not yet known. Cellulite is an elegant name for collections of fat beneath your skin. This causes the surface of the skin to dimple and look lumpy. It is commonly found on the thighs, stomach, and butt.

No matter what the cause is, if you have cellulite, chances are you want to get rid of it. American women spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on various products hoping to rid themselves of those ugly skin dimples.

Here are three exercises that will help you eliminate cellulite without spending a lot of money. Lying on your side, do ten repetitions of each of the following exercises:

  • Bring your knees forward; your hips should be at a 90 degree angle. Straighten your top leg out in front of you; you should uphold the 90 degree hip placement. Lift the top leg slowly up around 3 feet off the ground and then lower.
  • Straighten your legs; your body should be in a straight line. Tilt your hips forward a little. Lift your top leg around 3 feet off the ground and then lower.
  • Position your top leg in front of you on the ground. Move your bottom leg forward a little. Lift the bottom leg eight to twelve inches off the ground and down.

About Family Fitness

One of the most favourite exercises is dancing. Everyone is able to select their favourite music and you’ll all have a chance to dance to it. It’s also fun for the younger generation to watch older ones dance.

Another favourite exercise is swimming. If you have a YMCA, community center, or if your school is lucky enough to have a pool ask if you can use it for practising. You can also use your creativity in the pool with different types of swimming, races, or water ballet. Another option if you have the pool to yourselves is to arrange `his and hers` swimming competitions.

One great game the whole family can play is Twister, plus it has the added advantage of stretching all your muscles. Make sure you play enough games to warm up those muscles (4-8 games). Since weather is one of the main reasons why many families around the country don’t go out for walks, it’s worth going to the Mall. Walk at a good brisk pace for at least 20-30 minutes, or less if you feel you’re becoming short of breath. When you are there you can reward yourself with some window shopping. If the Mall isn’t to your taste, pick another indoor facility where you can do some brisk walking.

Many people keep track of their steps with pedometers. They are inexpensive and people love to know how many steps they’ve taken in a day. Get one for everyone in your family and see who walks the most steps in a week. Whoever wins will be allowed to decide on the menu for a week and doesn’t have to do any cleaning or other chores. Or you could have prizes to give away if you prefer.

Those of you who enjoy weight training and circuit training could try something like circuit training in your home. You could start with stretching; and then move to running up and down the stairs, following with some floor exercises, such as sit ups, side bends and push ups. If you have some type of equipment, like a treadmill, bicycle, Gazelle or something along these lines you could also include that in the circuit. Do each activity for a couple of minutes or one repetition and then move to the next “station”. Think about placing each activity in a different room and walk briskly or jog to each “station”.

Fed Up With Diets

I hate to even say the word “diet,” because the instant I say that word, I begin to feel deprived of not eating what I like to eat.

Most people love to eat.

We love those wonderful foods called “comfort foods,” either at our favorite restaurant, at a friend’s cookout, or simply at home. After repeating this much enjoyed pleasure, day in and day out, we often ignore the pounds that begin to add up.

An increasingly amount of people carry too much weight in the United States, but interestingly enough, the urge to lose weight and engaging in some type of exercise, has been on the rise.

Last Monday, at work, I dropped my file folder. As I attempted to pick up my folder, I heard the sound of “rip-rip-rip.” Yep, the back side of my pants tore away from the stitched seam. I was a good sport, as my co-workers joked and laughed at this unfortunate incident.

That day, I made up my mind to drop some weight and take charge of my life.

My downfall is bread. I simply love bread. It can come in any form, shape, or size. I often buy rolls, breadsticks, croissants, or bagels at the bakery, and munch on one or the other while driving home.

My plan was to no longer build a Mt. Everest on my plate with food. I decided to eat in smaller proportions. ” Proportion” is a much gentler word to accept than the word “diet.” Eating in smaller proportions, drinking a lot of water, and working outdoors was my new plan.

Anyone can do this.

Eating requires a change in the way one thinks. If you have symptoms of high blood pressure, fatigue, difficulty breathing on exertion, feel sluggish, change in eating habits is the key, but you have to do it and not just think about doing it.

I can honestly say, that I feel much better. I lost two pounds. Don’t laugh! Two pounds is two pounds. Have you lost two pounds recently?
If you work a stressful job and eat to relieve stress, stop doing that. It is a formula for disaster waiting to happen. No one wants to experience a stroke or a heart attack. Weight is one thing we can control. If you change the way you think, you can see weight loss.

Last week, I walked away from a box of yummy donuts at work. There they were, all lined up in a row, glazed donuts, cream filled donuts, and chocolate donuts, all screaming at me to take one, but instead I remembered Monday.

I felt the back seat of my pants. “No rips today,” I smiled. It must have been those two pounds I just lost, or the creamed filled donut I walked away from this morning.”

Eating less is hard, but if I can do it, you can too. Try it and see results.

Way to Get a Flat, Firm Stomach

Despite it all though, the one thing that has become almost an obsession today is the way our abs look. It seems that everyone is looking for those ever elusive “six pack abs”, but much like Ponce De Leon’s search for the fountain of youth, it seems like it is impossible to find.

Now, while there is no “magical formula” for attaining a flat, firm, and toned stomach, there is something you can do that if done regularly, will get you the results that you are looking for. To get these results, stomach crunches need to be done daily but keep in mind that stomach exercises alone will not burn the fat off of your midsection.

Keeping your calories in check along with doing your crunches everyday will be the way for you to see that flat, chiseled, sexy stomach. Crunches are easy to do, and if done properly, are very effective for toning those abs. Here is a step by step breakdown of the proper way to get the most out of your crunches.

Lie flat on your back on the floor with your legs bent to about a 90-degree angle with both your rear and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head making sure not to interlock your fingers. You can make your hands into fists so you do not pull up on the back of your neck.

The next thing to do is to pick a spot on the ceiling directly above you. This should be done in order to ensure that you do not bend your neck during the duration of the movement. Do not take your eyes off this spot! The most common mistake while performing a crunch is too much stress on the neck as a result of pulling on it with the hands.

The next step is to stabilize the low back. This can be done by tightening the muscles in the abdomen.

Slowly curl forward and up using your abdominal muscles only. There should be no bending at the waist. Keep your abdominal muscles firm for the entire duration to ensure low back stabilization. Keep your focus on that spot on the ceiling to prevent neck pain as a result of stress. At the top position your shoulder blades should only be between 4-8 inches off the ground. There is no need to go any further. Pause at this top position. This whole movement should be performed slowly and take about 2 seconds to perform. Pause at the top position for 1-2 seconds to ensure full contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Slowly return to the starting position keeping your abs contracted.
That is all there is to it. The crunch is not a very big movement because you are working your abs only. A full sit-up does not work your abs better than the crunch because once you are past the crunch position, your abs are fully contracted and it is your hip muscles that are straining to lift you up, not your abs.

Doing a hundred of these a day is not the key here. Doing two to three sets of 15 to 20 of these at a slow and deliberate pace with good form is what is recommended for maximum benefits and minimum risk of injury.

Simpler Exercises to a Younger

Bear this always in mind – all muscles and all organs grow in size, strength and elasticity if properly exercised. And they will surely lose those properties if this is neglected. In short, the secret of being and keeping young and having the body elasticity of youth is through regular muscular exercises. Strict attention must, of course, be paid to cleanliness, both internal and external. Also the food must be properly prepared for digestion by chewing it thoroughly before it is swallowed. But if exercise is not a part of your system of health, success is doubtful.

Man’s physical condition depends to a large extent on the condition of his arterial system – from the largest artery to the smallest capillary. It is important to keep the arterial system free from clogging. It is because the muscles and organs will not be properly supplied with blood or material for repairs to prevent the deterioration of the muscles and organs that causes old age. Any man or woman with an unhealthy and inelastic body is practically old even though his or her age is not.

Neglecting exercise means allowing the ashes to clog up your system, which would cause your health to fail. Just like a machine left to rust, you will not be able to function like you used to, and before you know it, you will show signs of old age.

Systematic, persistent and general muscular activity will expel that rust or clogging debris, and then you will commence to “limber up.” And if the various simple health methods I advise are faithfully practiced, you may again become “just as good as new.” No, not altogether. I must admit, that it is not possible to make a very young body – by this or any other health system – out of a very old one, but the improvement will soon be so considerable as to be a source of great satisfaction to you.

You will live a longer life than if you do not exercise. The rusty, clogged-up state is a tell-tale sign of old age. You will find truth in this theory of keeping young, unless you are a believer of other methods such as the use of drugs, which I don’t strongly subscribe to.

One factor that keeps people from exercising is that they do not have time. In the busy world of today, this is true. But then, you must also know that your health is far more important than your business. You’ll realize this profoundly when your health starts to deteriorate in your latter years. With the exercise system I devised, time is not a problem. In my case, I do the exercises at my most idle time. I habitually wake up at about 5:30 A.M. Before rising up, I would do the movements, one after the other for half an hour or more until I have performed them all.

After performing the exercises, I rise up with a healthy glow and a wide-awake feeling ready for the business ahead. Even after a half hour of exercise, my heart is beating steadily. I then proceed to shave and bath for a complete clean and healthy start. I realize the joy of living to the full!

Set Reps and Exercises

Number of Exercises

First of all we should look at the number of exercises that you are going to do per muscle group. There are nine muscle groups that we can distinguish just for simplicity; calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, abs, chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. The best way to work a muscle is to work all of the muscle fibers and the only way to do this is to do exercises that work the muscle from different angles so that you can tax each part of the muscle. Often advanced body builders will do three or four exercises for each muscle group. This means for example that for your shoulders you would do front lateral raises for the front deltoid, side lateral raises for the medial deltoid and reverse flyes for the rear deltoid.

Number of sets per exercise

Next we will look at the number of sets you will do for each muscle group. I believe that it is important to not overtrain your muscles and the best way to do this is to reduce the number of sets that you do in each workout. The way that I get the sets going when I have had a long layoff is to do one set for each exercise and three exercises for each muscle group. You will be able to gauge when it is time to increase the number of sets by listening to your body. Your muscles quickly adapt to any kind of weight training and so after a couple of weeks you will be able to add a set to one of the exercises and then another set to another exercise maybe a week later and as you get stronger you will feel you have more in you after you have rested a bit after a set and can come back with another set to further push your muscles.

Number of reps per set

Lastly is the number of reps you should do in each set. The prevailing wisdom ever since I can remember is that for a big muscle group like you quads, chest, back, biceps, triceps or hamstrings you should do four to eight reps per set after you have done a warm-up set. For the smaller muscle groups like calves or shoulders you should do a higher number of reps per set this means you should do eight to twelve reps per set. The way to do these sets initially anyway is to warm-up and then do a light weight set for a high number of reps and then move the weight up for each set after and drop the number of reps and for advanced weight lifters the last set is a lower weight for a higher number of reps until you can not move the muscle anymore.

High Blood Pressure

When your heart beats, it squeezes blood from inside its chambers to the large arteries. This sudden bolus of blood causes normal arteries to expand like balloons do when they fill with air. The walls of arteries have sensors that allow arteries to expand with each pulse of blood. If the arteries do not expand enough when blood enters them, blood pressure can rise very high. Blood pressure is determined by the force of the heart’s contraction times the resistance in the blood vessels. Normal blood pressure is 120 when the heart contracts and 80 when it relaxes. During exercise, the heart beats with increased force to raise blood pressure. It is normal for blood pressure to rise up to 200 over 80 during running, and to 300 over 200 while doing a leg press with very heavy weights.

People with normal resting blood pressures who develop very high blood pressure during exercise are the ones most likely to develop high blood pressure later on. If your blood pressure rises much above 200 during running, you are at increased risk for developing high blood pressure.

Ninety percent of Americans will develop high blood pressure, which increases risk for heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage and sudden death. High blood pressure usually occurs in people who have normal blood pressures when they were young. If you have an exaggerated blood pressure rise during exercise, you should go on a heart attack prevention program that includes a diet that is high in plants and low in saturated fats and refined carbohydrates, regular exercise, losing weight if you are overweight, not smoking, and avoiding stimulants and drugs that raise blood pressure.

Creating Workout Program

List your specific goals and chose a role model.

If you are looking to lose bodyfat, then you are going to want to focus a lot of your workout program on cardio. If you are looking to gain muscle size, then it makes sense to spend a large percentage of your workout program focusing on lifting weights. I think it helps to find a role model. My personal role model is Brad Pitt in Fight Club. In that movie he is very lean and compact. I have developed my workout program in a way that maximizes fat loss, so 75% of my workout is on cardio and 25% lifting weights. This workout program allows me to maintain a very lean look year round.

Decide how much time you are going to devote to exercise.

In designing your workout routine, you are going to have to figure out how many days you will be able to workout. Contrary to popular opinion, I think you do need to workout 4-5 days minimum to achieve great results. Many personal trainers have their clients perform workout programs 3 days per week. The body was meant to get daily exercise. The people in the best shape I know perform at least some exercise every day. If you have 7-8 total hours to devote to exercise, you will get better results spreading those 8 hours over 6-7 days -vs.- having three 2-hour workouts. As an example… Matthew McConaughey simply tries to work up a sweat for at least one hour every day. That is a simple technique that obviously gets great results.

Pick exercises that are right for you.

What I typically see is the trainer taking every person through the exact same routine, regardless of their body type. I also have head people complaining that a certain exercise hurts them. The problem is that the personal trainer simply can’t get into your head and know what the exercise feels like to you. For instance, I have a spinal injury so I have to avoid any type of crunch exercise in my workout program. Only you know how a certain exercise feels to you. I use a lot of dumbbells in my workout program, since I can really feel them working my muscle. If I was a personal trainer I would probably design workout programs for my clients using dumbbell exercises. This would be a big mistake, since many people get a better workout using barbells or machines.

Educate yourself about fitness.

My advice is to educate yourself using the Internet and then come up with your own workout program that is perfect for you. Not only will you experience greater results, you will save time and money getting to your goals. There are several great resources online which will help you create your ideal body. Finding a really good e-book will cost less than the price of one session with a personal trainer. In no time flat you can easily design a solid workout program and fine tune it over time.