Child Fitness

It increases life expectancy and decreases all cardiovascular related illnesses. Physical activities contributed in a young childs body helps in a high self esteem, social and psychological benefits.

Parents or guardians must always make sure that physical activities are introduced in a childs life at an earlier age, inorder for the child to be aware of the benefits. Reduce sedentary time, e.g. spending too much time in front of the TV, computer and phone.

At least all kids from the age of two should engage in a physical fitness enjoyable activity everyday, suitable to their bodies and age. This is helpful because it helps in maintaining a good level of heart and lung fitness( cardiovascular fitness).

Exercise regimens that begin at a young age are more effective in promoting longevity and health than those begun later in life. As children become older, there is a strong tendency for them to participate less in physical activity. The drop in such participation between the ages of twelve and eighteen is dramatic.

So it is very important that children workout for the love of doing it, bit not to please parents. More information at .The purpose of encouraging kids to engage in physical fitness is for psychological, behavioral, and physical benefits they obtain by participating in fitness programs.

Children who experience physical fitness experience vast improvements in their self esteem. In addition, improvements in academic learning and creative thinking have been associated with physical fitness and exercise.

Due to researches it has been discovered that hyperactive, learning disabled, and behaviorally handicapped children have been found to internally control behaviors that were previously externally controlled following participation in physical fitness programs.