Double Your Pull Ups

After a lot of sweat and frustration he came to me and asked “How can I increase the number of pull ups that I can do so I can have a killer back workout?”

I had an ace up my sleeve on this one because I had the same problem when I first started. So we sat down and this is what I told him to do. The next time you do pull ups, I want you to do as many as possible without pushing your muscles to failure.

Well that will only be 2 pull ups; I max out at 3, he interrupted.

Now hold on let me finish.

You are not going to them the regular way of doing them, which is grabbing the chin up bar and cranking out as many as you can. You will do them using a walking up a step method.

First you do 1 pull up. Drop to your feet and rest for 30 seconds. Do 2 pull ups (your max is 3 reps so stop at 2 reps). Drop to your feet and rest for 30 seconds. Then start the cycle over again

Remember to make sure you do one less rep than you feel like you can do. So if you feel strong enough to only do 3 then stop at 2. Do this every other day and let me know in a month how this is working. After 3 weeks of using this method his pull up numbers went from 3 to 9.