Fed Up With Diets

I hate to even say the word “diet,” because the instant I say that word, I begin to feel deprived of not eating what I like to eat.

Most people love to eat.

We love those wonderful foods called “comfort foods,” either at our favorite restaurant, at a friend’s cookout, or simply at home. After repeating this much enjoyed pleasure, day in and day out, we often ignore the pounds that begin to add up.

An increasingly amount of people carry too much weight in the United States, but interestingly enough, the urge to lose weight and engaging in some type of exercise, has been on the rise.

Last Monday, at work, I dropped my file folder. As I attempted to pick up my folder, I heard the sound of “rip-rip-rip.” Yep, the back side of my pants tore away from the stitched seam. I was a good sport, as my co-workers joked and laughed at this unfortunate incident.

That day, I made up my mind to drop some weight and take charge of my life.

My downfall is bread. I simply love bread. It can come in any form, shape, or size. I often buy rolls, breadsticks, croissants, or bagels at the bakery, and munch on one or the other while driving home.

My plan was to no longer build a Mt. Everest on my plate with food. I decided to eat in smaller proportions. ” Proportion” is a much gentler word to accept than the word “diet.” Eating in smaller proportions, drinking a lot of water, and working outdoors was my new plan.

Anyone can do this.

Eating requires a change in the way one thinks. If you have symptoms of high blood pressure, fatigue, difficulty breathing on exertion, feel sluggish, change in eating habits is the key, but you have to do it and not just think about doing it.

I can honestly say, that I feel much better. I lost two pounds. Don’t laugh! Two pounds is two pounds. Have you lost two pounds recently?
If you work a stressful job and eat to relieve stress, stop doing that. It is a formula for disaster waiting to happen. No one wants to experience a stroke or a heart attack. Weight is one thing we can control. If you change the way you think, you can see weight loss.

Last week, I walked away from a box of yummy donuts at work. There they were, all lined up in a row, glazed donuts, cream filled donuts, and chocolate donuts, all screaming at me to take one, but instead I remembered Monday.

I felt the back seat of my pants. “No rips today,” I smiled. It must have been those two pounds I just lost, or the creamed filled donut I walked away from this morning.”

Eating less is hard, but if I can do it, you can too. Try it and see results.