Fight Depression with Exercise

While the sky-high feeling is only temporary, I am still left with the personal satisfaction that yet again, I put forth a considerable amount of effort to take a step forward in my life. Only a fortnight ago, exercising seemed as impossible as climbing the tallest mountain in the world. Today, it is gradually becoming a part of my weekly routine.

Some days are tough – sitting in front of the computer seems a much easier alternative; however, when you anticipate the feeling of well-being you will have at the end of your exercise session, when you look at yourself at the mirror and see big gobs of fat hanging over your trousers, when you remember you stuffed your face with cake at lunch and would do best to burn those extra calories, you know you’re better off getting up and hitting the gym than spending time with a computer that doesn’t even love you back.

The first five minutes, pumping the required energy to move your inertia-prone body feels like doing prison chores, but as you get going, you realize it’s not so bad after all, and in the end, you’re glad you forced yourself to do it because you suddenly feel 10 years younger and a couple of pounds lighter (even if you know you weigh just the same as you did before you started).