First Physical Therapy Visit

You will, of course, need to expect to have all of the pertinent information any medical facility would require when you arrive for your first appointment. Any information from previous doctors who have treated the injury will be requested. You will likely be asked a series of questions upon your first visit. The physical therapist should be thorough when he or she inquires about past and present physical problems.

The objective is to evaluate a comprehensive of sorts concerning your muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons, your current range of motion compared to your usual range of motion. You should leave with the confidence that your physical therapist has a clear idea of your injury, as well as your normal range in strength and function to which you want to return through treatment.

You will walk out of the medical facility feeling better about a solution. You should have a sheet or pamphlet listing and diagramming several exercises you can begin to do to strengthen your injury and return to your “old self” again. When you decide to see a physical therapist for a sports injury or any other kind of injury, it is nice to know what to expect. This article will review the basic assessments that will be determined upon your initial visit so that you will know the very best way to treat your injury.

There are a wide variety of sports injuries and other physical injuries from conditions such as lateral epicondylitis, to simple but painful muscle strain, to the rebuilding of muscles after healing severely broken bones. Nonetheless, medical science in the field of muscular and activity-related injuries has made great strides – and sometimes your injury can be completely overcome. However, even if it can’t be a full recovery, increasing your mobility will increase your health and your overall freedom – therefore, physical therapy is just as important.