Fitness Program Include Posture

The often overlooked, and rarely talked about, exercise posture is extremely important in preventing exercise injuries, and strengthening your overall skeletal muscle system. When focusing on proper posture while performing an exercise, you will provide a more grounded, solid base; thus, improving focus on taxing the specific intended muscle group or movement without getting unwanted muscles involved.

It is also important to focus on everyday posture outside of your fitness program. Discomfort in the back and neck is the primary adverse consequence of poor posture. It can also strain your hips and knees.

The first thing you must know is what exactly is proper posture. Find a mirror, take a deep breathe, and exhale. Now observe your position. Your head should be centered on your neck (not pushed forward or tilted in any way.) Your shoulders should be level, and not sloped. Your chest should be up, and abdominals tucked in. You should also assume the same type of position when seated.

When conducting any type of exercise, strength training or cardio, please focus on the specific posture mentioned above. Concentrate on contracting your abdominals during the execution of all exercises. Chest will be up, and head straight forward. This little reminder will not only protect you from injury, but automatically strengthen your core muscles from the constant isometric contraction.

It is important to note that poor posture can be corrected by
combating the two major causes of misalignment: weak muscles,
and bad habit. Correction begins outside of the gym getting into the habit of proper posture each and every day as mentioned above.

Here are a few more exercise tips to help you strengthen the muscles that will affect your posture.

  • Do pelvic tilt exercises while lying on the ground
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Upper and lower back exercises. Rhomboid, and Erector Spinae
  • Strengthen your gluteal and leg muscles

In order to increase your exercise productivity, and decrease the chance of injury, pay close attention to your posture both during, and after participating in your specific exercise program. You will see a difference in results and fitness program injury prevention.