Fun Losing Weight

  • Playing Sports – Guys and gals alike love to play some sort of sport. And playing sports is the equivalent of doing interval training. You spend part of your time at rest, ready for the next spurt of action – and the other part of your time doing intense bursts of activity.

Almost any kind of sport is like this: Baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, raquetball, the list is almost endless. So if you enjoy sports of any kind, make an effort to go out and do that at least once or twice each week, and you’ll find yourself quickly shedding not just body weight, but body fat too.

  • Dancing – This is another cardio activity that can really boost your metabolism, burn calories, and burn lots of body fat too. Any kind of dancing will work because you’re moving when you’re doing it. The more energetic your dancing is of course, the more fat and calories you’ll burn and the faster your body will begin to tone up.

If you don’t have the option of taking dance classes, try renting or buying some dance instruction DVDs instead. There are plenty of dances that can be done alone, and many that can be done with a partner too. So you can have fun with friends or loved ones while still burning the fat from your body at the same time!

  • Bike Riding – This is another excellent exercise that you can have fun with while toning your muscles and shedding the body weight. This is even more fun when you can go for bike rides with your spouse, kids, or friends. In fact it’s even an excellent family time activity for those of you who don’t get enough quality time with the family.
  • Skiing – If you want more of a full body workout, and you don’t mind the cold, try skiing instead. This can also be done with family or friends, and can be great fun – especially while you’re still learning!
  • Hiking – This activity can range from walking along a ready-made hiking path in your local area, to forging your own way through the underbrush up a mountainside. Try to choose hiking paths which vary to some degree – having inclines, declines and flat areas in various places. This way even if you’re doing more “walking” than hiking, you’re still changing the muscles that are used and the intensity with which you’re using them.