Hoodia and Exercise

Just like a car uses fuel for gas, our bodies run on the fat and sugar that circulates in our blood. When we are sedentary our bodies do not produce the hormones that trigger the brain to release fat cells to burn as fuel. This is because your body simply does not burn fat if it feels that it does not have a reason to deplete the tissues of fatty deposits.

If you exercise hard enough and regularly enough, your body learns to first use up all of the glucose in the bloodstream and then start burning up fat cells after all of the glucose is spent. The fat then circulates to the muscles that need fuel and over the long term the result is a leaner trimmer and well toned body. Sadly, if you do not exercise enough your body will simply burn glucose and no fat.

Exercise in general plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities and exercise regularly to maintain good health, and your body will find a healthy weight naturally. As an added bonus the more you exercise, the faster your body will run out of glucose and start using your fat cells as energy.

Hoodia helps you exercise more efficiently by providing you with the stamina that you need to perform your exercises. The trouble with most diets is that they rely on food deprivation, which often leads to exhaustion and fatigue. This makes most people unable to complete their exercise routines and can also lead to cravings and binge eating after a work out. Hoodia does not leave you with feeling deprived as you simply do not “want.”

Whether you are dieting or not you should be on a program of regular exercise anyway. The significance of regular exercise goes beyond the physical benefits. It produces a positive mental attitude, improves self-confidence and bolster self- esteem.Another benefit of regular exercise includes a reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, which can be brought on by dieting itself, and can lead to overeating.

Never forget that Hoodia does restrict your caloric intake. Restricting your caloric intake can cause your metabolism to slow down. Exercise can help to reduce this effect. Not only does exercise itself burn calories, but it causes your metabolism to stay elevated for a period of time after you finish exercising.