Improve Stamina

  • Skipping: Start small. Skip for some time daily – as long as you feel comfortable. Each week try to increase the duration a little. This can have a good effect on increasing your stamina.
  • Running on the Spot: Run on the spot for a set period of time, like 2 minutes to start with. Later as days pass by you can increase it to maybe 5 minutes etc.
  • Swimming: Everybody must be aware of the good effects of swimming. It is a very good exercise. If you make a habit to swim at least 30 minutes everyday it can do wonders for your stamina.
  • Cycling: This is another very good exercise for increasing stamina vastly. All the above mentioned exercises not only improve our stamina, they come with a wide range of other health benefits too.
  • When working out, keep in mind two things: overload and progression. Overload is necessary to improve stamina, but don’t overdo it. If you are getting irritable or depressed, they can be the first signs of fatigue. Progression means to keep on improving.