Info of Calisthenics Workout

Calisthenic exercises & workouts, depending on how they are performed, can be used to develop flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and/or muscle power.

Here we will discuss the benefits and proper use” of calisthenics within the training environment.

The Muscle Strength-Endurance Continuum

Muscle strength and, muscle endurance exist on a continuum. Given that muscle strength is the amount of force generated by one repetition and muscle endurance is the ability to exert force repeatedly over time, improving muscle strength will improve muscle endurance.

In general, calisthenics workout programs such as the ones you find by clicking here develop muscle endurance. There are two occasions, however, when calisthenics workout programs develop muscle strength.

The first occasion depends on individual fitness level and how many repetitions can be performed. Individuals who can only perform a low number of repetitions during a calisthenics workout programs (less than 10-12) will develop muscle strength.

Those who can perform a higher number (more than 10-12) will develop muscle endurance. For example, when you first start doing pull-ups you may only be able to perform 9 repetitions. At this point, you are developing muscle strength. As your performance improves, and you are able to perform over 12 repetitions, you begin to develop muscle endurance.

The second occasion occurs where calisthenics workout programs are modified to overload the muscles so that they contribute to strength development.