Learn Basic Yoga

Yoga has been a spiritual practice in India. There are four main kinds of yoga, which are Raja Yoga, Jhana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Karma Yoga. However, in this article, you should be able to learn the basics of yoga.

Let us focus the fundamentals of yoga. The four steps are breathing, meditation, posture and relaxation. The basic objective of yoga is to free your mind from problems and worries. When doing this, you are actually releasing any intensions such as stressed at work or even your worries from the past.

The popular yoga meditation is done when sitting cross-legged with your straight back. Relax your hands, place your palm face up above your legs. It is important to breathe deeply while closing your eyes. Relax your muscles, particularly your jaw. Then unconsciously, you will be feeling better and relax.

Expert says that is better if you would attend yoga class at least twice a week to properly learn basic yoga. However, this may not work for you because of your busy schedule. Therefore, it will be very helpful if you would know the basics of yoga.

Now, start practicing to learn basic yoga meditation because this will help you bring closer to a stress free life. Now take a deep breathe and get started on your journey to stress free city.