Less Pain Same Gain

Our maximum heart rate can be calculated by multiplying our age by .7 and subtracting it from 208. A rate of sixty percent of the maximum heart rate will produce the beneficial effects of exercising while reducing the risk of injury. Always make sure that a warm up and cool down are incorporated into your session.

If taking a fifteen minute exercise break on the treadmill, have the first fifteen minutes be your warm up. Walk slowly on the treadmill until you feel your muscles warm and slowly increase your pace. For the next five minutes continue to increase your speed until you are walking at sixty percent of your maximum heart rate. The last five minutes, reduce your speed until you are once again walking slowly.

At work, you can use this technique while climbing the stairs. Whatever distance you are traveling, start slowly for one third of the distance. Increase your pace until you are breaking a light sweat. Finally, finish the last third of your climb at a slow pace.

Be creative. Think of the different activities which are part of your daily schedule. Try and incorporate this philosophy into your lifestyle. It only takes a difference of one hundred calories a day to lose ten pounds a year. As always, check with your doctor before attempting any radical changes in exercise.