No Gym, No Problem

No need to go to the gym, you can become physically fit in a matter of weeks if you just know the little secrets that the gym owners and equipment manufactures don’t want you to know.

Do what people did many years ago- train using bodyweight only exercises. Don’t think that bodyweight only exercises are a waste of time, because they can be are very, very demanding if done the right way.

Take 2 very simple exercises like pushups and situps and try to do these exercises for 5 minutes alternating back and forth ( do as many pushups then do as many situps as possible with no rest in between exercises) unless you are fit you probably won’t be able to finish this workout, and actually the so called fit person probably could not finish a simple workout like this.

After a 5 minute workout you will know that you will never again need a gym to get in to great shape and if you have any doubt try it.