Practicing Karmic Yoga

The first step is discover what you like and what you don’t like about your job. Make a list, if you need to–maybe you can remember all of the tasks and interactions you have on the job. To consider these things in depth may take some time, but we have lot of that. When you have completed the list, look at it and pick out the things that you don’t like. Pretty simple so far, eh? Now think about them for a few moments.

What kind of skills would you need to do the least enjoyable–the horrible parts of that job (the ones that suck in other words) and maybe even enjoy them? What type of person would like the job that you have or to do the things that you don’t like on the job? How would you feel about that type of person? Are the skills that you need some that you never developed because they were difficult, or because you weren’t interested in them? Maybe you didn’t want to be the type of person who would like that job. The person who would like the job might be part of your shadow, which is the part of yourself that you have rejected.

They could be the person that you would have been if you hadn’t pressed down the very attitudes and behaviors that you need to enjoy your job. You can shake off all of the fear and discomfort and reclaim these parts of yourself, by developing the skills that you thought were worthless. When you do, all the energy that you are using to hold down all of these attitudes and behaviors will be released for you to use to enjoy life. You will not disappear as a person, your personhood will simply expand.

At your job, you can learn to reclaim old skills while you’re using your job as a testing ground to master them and any other skills that you feel are necessary. Furthermore, you will be getting paid while you do it. What can be better than that? It’s like being paid to go to school, when you think about it.