Pushups Or Bench Press

It was the measuring rod of “strength” back in the day and it was necessary if you wanted to answer the question – “Whaddya Bench?”

But now as we are older and wiser we know that there is more than one way to develop strength and power.

If there is one thing that we accept as functionalist (people who believe in the concepts of functional training) its that there is more than one way to “skin a cat”.

But the question of the day is, “Which one? Push Ups or Bench Press?”

Well, we can tell you right now that the most inexpensive choice is the push up!! And let’s be honest, more often than not, cost is the limiting factor of exercise selection. That is why bodyweight exercises are so popular.

There is no one training modality that is THE GREATEST, but Bodyweight Training is hard to beat.

And it is probably the best choice for anyone looking to get in some great shape.


When doing a push up you have an opportunity to use your abdominals and your core in a fashion that you just cannot do when you are bench pressing.

And there are *tricks* to performing the bench and moving massive weight. There are no such *tricks* with the pushup.

If you don’t have a strong midsection, pushups will be difficult for you period.

For the personal trainers………

How many times have you seen clients try to do a pushup and look like they are an inverted “U”. Their back just sags down.

The reasoning is a weak core.