Stomach Exercises

Unfortunately, the stomach is one of the hardest areas to work on, which is why we see so many chubby guts in older people. Not only is it the hardest area to tone up, but most stomach exercises are a painful and unpleasant form or workout to perform.

When exercising in a gym, pushing a few weights to build up muscles like the biceps and triceps, often give immediate results in as much as you can see the rewards for your efforts almost instantly. The stomach on the other hand can be a thankless task because there is plenty of pain but little immediate gain to show for all those unbearable, back breaking, gut wrenching crunches.

There’s a bit of a misconception about how to reduce belly fat and stomach exercises alone do nothing to give you a flat pack. I worked on my abs for over 6 months and was frustrated to see that I still had a beer gut. I could feel my strengthened abdominal muscles under the blubber but that was no good as they were buried under the layers of fat!

In my ignorance I watched a few info commercials on the TV and thought that I just had to do what they did to get what they had, which was an impressive looking 6 pack in just 6 weeks of rigorous workout. Wrong! Ok, yes, the exercises will strengthen your abs without any question of doubt, but to fight the flab, there’s only one sure way and that is do some form or aerobic exercise.

Loosing that jelly belly is perfectly doable with aerobic exercise (skipping is very good for this), and is the fastest way to shed those extra pounds, but just remember that doing sit-ups and crunches alone will only work the abdominal muscles and have absolutely no effect on the surrounding fat. Your newly developed muscles will be hidden under your layer of lard, and that is a very frustrating experience.

The best plan of action is to let the dog see the rabbit. Once you can see your feet again from the stand up position, you will get an enormous physiological boost, and this is the time to begin work on your abdominal muscles. Don’t do what I did and think that a few sit ups and crunches alone will get rid of your excess weight as it’s extremely demoralizing.

Get a plan of action together which includes aerobic exercise followed by a stomach workout, and then you will definitely be able to get that look you so desperately desire. But stomach exercise is no different to any other form of exercise in that it will only work if YOU work it, so remember to follow through. Good luck!