Simpler Exercises to a Younger

Bear this always in mind – all muscles and all organs grow in size, strength and elasticity if properly exercised. And they will surely lose those properties if this is neglected. In short, the secret of being and keeping young and having the body elasticity of youth is through regular muscular exercises. Strict attention must, of course, be paid to cleanliness, both internal and external. Also the food must be properly prepared for digestion by chewing it thoroughly before it is swallowed. But if exercise is not a part of your system of health, success is doubtful.

Man’s physical condition depends to a large extent on the condition of his arterial system – from the largest artery to the smallest capillary. It is important to keep the arterial system free from clogging. It is because the muscles and organs will not be properly supplied with blood or material for repairs to prevent the deterioration of the muscles and organs that causes old age. Any man or woman with an unhealthy and inelastic body is practically old even though his or her age is not.

Neglecting exercise means allowing the ashes to clog up your system, which would cause your health to fail. Just like a machine left to rust, you will not be able to function like you used to, and before you know it, you will show signs of old age.

Systematic, persistent and general muscular activity will expel that rust or clogging debris, and then you will commence to “limber up.” And if the various simple health methods I advise are faithfully practiced, you may again become “just as good as new.” No, not altogether. I must admit, that it is not possible to make a very young body – by this or any other health system – out of a very old one, but the improvement will soon be so considerable as to be a source of great satisfaction to you.

You will live a longer life than if you do not exercise. The rusty, clogged-up state is a tell-tale sign of old age. You will find truth in this theory of keeping young, unless you are a believer of other methods such as the use of drugs, which I don’t strongly subscribe to.

One factor that keeps people from exercising is that they do not have time. In the busy world of today, this is true. But then, you must also know that your health is far more important than your business. You’ll realize this profoundly when your health starts to deteriorate in your latter years. With the exercise system I devised, time is not a problem. In my case, I do the exercises at my most idle time. I habitually wake up at about 5:30 A.M. Before rising up, I would do the movements, one after the other for half an hour or more until I have performed them all.

After performing the exercises, I rise up with a healthy glow and a wide-awake feeling ready for the business ahead. Even after a half hour of exercise, my heart is beating steadily. I then proceed to shave and bath for a complete clean and healthy start. I realize the joy of living to the full!