Practicing Good Gym Etiquette

The equipment in the gym is to be shared by hundreds of people on a daily basis. When you have hundreds of people sharing the same equipment, you are bound to run into someone else’s sweat along the way. No one likes to hop onto an exercise machine only to find it drenched with sweat! I have experienced this all too often. The number one rule of most gyms is to have a towel. Remember to be considerate of the next person to use the piece of equipment you are using. Wipe down any areas that you know you have left sweat on.

Another area of gym etiquette is putting back loose equipment where it belongs. Many times, the free weights are left all over the place. Sure, the gym employees go around and put things back every now and then, but we can do our part as well. It isn’t hard to put things back in their proper place.

When you attend the gym at a peak time (usually between 5pm and 8pm) everyone is fighting to get on machines. If you’re on a cardio machine, try not to hog it for an hour if you know people are wandering around waiting for an opening. If you are on a weight machine and someone politely asks you if they can “work in”, try to be considerate and let them. “Working in” means sharing a weight training machine between your sets. It is a great way to make a new friend and who knows, maybe a new workout buddy.

A little consideration can go a long way and make your gym time an even better one. Now, not everyone will practice gym etiquette but maybe by your doing so, a little good karma will come your way the next time you workout.

No Gym, No Problem

No need to go to the gym, you can become physically fit in a matter of weeks if you just know the little secrets that the gym owners and equipment manufactures don’t want you to know.

Do what people did many years ago- train using bodyweight only exercises. Don’t think that bodyweight only exercises are a waste of time, because they can be are very, very demanding if done the right way.

Take 2 very simple exercises like pushups and situps and try to do these exercises for 5 minutes alternating back and forth ( do as many pushups then do as many situps as possible with no rest in between exercises) unless you are fit you probably won’t be able to finish this workout, and actually the so called fit person probably could not finish a simple workout like this.

After a 5 minute workout you will know that you will never again need a gym to get in to great shape and if you have any doubt try it.

Building a Home Gym

  • Goals: The first thing you need to do is to determine your fitness goals. Before selecting which equipment will better serve your particular case it is necessary for you to conclude on what do you want to get out from your home exercising facility. Do you wish to maintain your fitness level or increase it? Do you want to burn more calories and add muscle tone or boost your energy? Moreover, upon deciding on your actual fitness goals you have to estimate which are your objectives; which muscle groups you want to train first.
  • Budget: The crucial cost related question comes second, because upon deciding on your fitness goals and objectives you have to determine how much money you have currently available for your house gym project. Keep in mind that a usual price range is between $ 300 and $ 1,000 per equipment and in case you are aiming to buy the best there is, you should at least double those prices.
  • Area: Prior to any purchase, you have to decide how much space are you willing to allocate for your home gym. Does the whole basement seem a good idea, or do you have a spare room you use currently to put laundry which can fit your purposes perfectly? Decide on which area of your house is going to be hosting all the equipment you will later carry in and measure its exact dimensions.
  • Fitness Machines: In order to meet the previously determined fitness goals and after deciding upon the available budget, you have to go shopping. A variety of fitness stores can supply you with the equipment you will need to train that set of muscles you want, but before accepting an offer try first to look around and check what you can discover. A store might be selling off, a department might have an extremely good deal on a couple of machines, or your neighbor might be interested in selling his treadmill. Check, ask and test the equipment you are considering of buying. After all, you are about to spend a small fortune.
  • Expert’s Opinion: Ask, listen and write down the opinion of people much more experienced than you. Also it is always better to purchase the equipment you will be using from a fitness specialty store. You are entitled a guarantee and you can choose from a greater variety of machines. Moreover, these types of specialty stores employ professional trainers most of the times, who know what to advice you and why.
  • Knowledge: Research and learn. Try to improve your knowledge on safety issues and exercising risks. Read all those equipment directions before attempting to use them and follow them!

Beat Boredom At The Gym

Listen to music

Take an iPod, mp3 player or personal stereo next time you go to the gym. Create a playlist or a CD especially to be used for the gym. Include your favourite songs and especially fast paced songs. Songs that encourage you to stay at a fast pace due to its upbeat rhythm. Music is a great motivator and you can also use it as a distraction so that you don’t focus on the pain you’re going through. So next time you go to the gym, take some music with you to help create a more enjoyable experience for you and also to help to motivate you so you work harder.

Take a friend or exercise partner

Having someone with you can also lead to a more enjoyable experience. Someone to talk to during the long stretches on the treadmill and exercise bikes. You can catch up on the latest gossip which again takes your mind off of the pain you’re going through and encourages you to work for just that little bit longer.

You can compete with your friend or exercise partner which motivates you to work for harder and for longer in order to beat them. Adding that competitive edge to your workout routine will work wonders for your body.

Get outside

Sometimes the confines of the gym are too dull for some. The same views and the same people everyday. Take your workout routine outside. Instead of running on the treadmill, run through your local park. Instead of cycling on the exercise bike for an hour, cycle round your local area. You’ll meet new people and experience more attractive scenery compared to the usual four walls of your gym.