Time To Warm Up

No one is immune from the body breaking down if it is not well tuned and in order to perform we need to stretch and warm up properly. Watch our athletes before they take the court or field. What do you see? These are highly managed individuals who spend countless hours working out and honing their skills yet every day before they go to work (so-to-speak) we see them exercising via routines designed for their individual needs. Great examples for all of us and it doesn’t require joining a team. We can stretch and warm up anywhere and at anytime. We just have to agree to do it and execute the warm up program. The first step we should all take into consideration is to begin slowly by stretching our calves, hamstrings and overall joints. Take your time and provide individual movements to each muscle area and warm them up with repeated repetitions. Switch back and forth between each muscle group as you stretch and within 20 minutes you will be ready to take on your exercise fitness program. If you haven’t exercised in months or even years its important to set your goals conservatively and to warm up an extra 10 minutes or 30 minutes each day. By warming up properly you will benefit from a more efficient exercise program and your flexibility will improve gradually over time. Often we do not consider flexibility but it’s a vital indicator to your doctor as to whether or not you are exercising properly so take the time and stretch out.

Warming up your muscle groups will provide a more relaxed and less stressful exercise fitness routine. Your body will be capable of responding better to muscle requests to walk, step up, run or turn as an example. It may sound simple and it may sound unnecessary but improper warm up even with highly toned athletes leads to muscle tears and possible career ending injuries. No different for the weekend warriors either. So take note of your body, drink plenty of fluids. Investigate and research a good nutritional supplement such as Mona Vie International’s acai berry juice. MonaVie has developed an excellent product that allows our bodies to repair internally by delivering a solid and balanced all natural fruit juice drink. So take this away from this article. Write down your warm up plan and commit to execute it every day. We can no longer exercise 20 minutes a day 3 times per week. It isn’t working for the population. We must exercise and thus use warm up techniques every day. Strive to spend 30 minutes in the morning and then a healthy long walk after dinner. Warm up to a 10,000 step walk broken down into two 30 minute events and you will achieve your ultimate body the right way!