Ultimate 30 Minutes Fat Melting Work Out

  • First, to ensure that you have total success with this program you need to make a commitment to follow a regular meal schedule, enough resting time, and to keep up the DVD exercise routine plus include 30 minute of cardiovascular activity 2 days per week for a minimum of 12 weeks.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, towel, water bottle and stop watch with you. Watch the DVD at least one time before you start the exercise routine and after to insure that the exercise are executed correctly to avoid any possible injuries.
  • Take a moment close your eyes and visualize your body the way you want it to look like. Remember that this program is based on mind-body connection.
  • Make sure you stretch and warm up your body before and after exercise to avoid any possible injuries. (see page 23-25)
  • Find out what is your ideal body weight is and write down. (see pages 20-22)
  • Write down what you eat currently to find out if you are missing or need to add nutrients to your menu, remember this is a inside out transformation program, what you eat will reflect in what your body look like (do not skip or make up meals) plan to eat 4 meals 3-4 hour in between, drink one glass of water before each meal and also when you wake up in morning. (see page 17-19)
  • Take a picture of yourself without a shirt repeat the process every three weeks. You will be surprise how your body change every three weeks.
  • Each exercise should be done in one minute and repeat it 3 times for the total 30 minutes. The first time it may take you longer to finish but that’s ok. Your body will begin to work more efficiently with in next two week of starting the program. Right now you’re ready to start walking on the path of health & fitness.