Universal Principles of Yoga

Why is it so hard for people to forgive themselves or others? It is easier today than it has ever been for people to shut off the outside world and play with “electronic toys.” Why should today’s children try to develop social skills or bonds with their peers? They have all they need, or do they have everything?

Due to consumerism, today’s children are bored by all the toys, but they are stimulated by action with each other. Children, who sit in front of the television, often complain about boredom. When they play real games, go to a Yoga class, or participate in dance, music, or a sport, you see healthy and vibrant children.

The consumption of electronic gadgets has led adults and children to think about: “me, myself, and I,” more than ever. In this social climate, why should anyone forgive? Why should adults or children take a Yoga class, when there are so many more toys to play with?

Intolerance is a natural part of humanity, but consumerism has led to a self-centered path, where the world is wrong and I am right. It is easy to see how fundamentalism can weave its way into this social climate. Why forgive when you can get revenge? Why talk when you can sue?

This is why Yoga can help heal today’s world. Yoga teaches us about the law of Karma. Today, we may say, “What goes around comes around,” but “what we sow, we shall reap,” is a scarier thought. Karma is the law of cause and effect.

You can see the path humankind is on, but what can you do about it? It starts with each of us. Open your heart and bond with your children. Make time for family and friends. Shut the electronics off and work on your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Yoga is about good health in many different aspects.

We live in an electronic world, but we know it is not entirely healthy. We cannot run and hide from electronics, consumerism, and materialism when we are surrounded by it, but we can make wiser choices about our free time.

Yoga offers adults and children insight. This allows all of us to better ourselves and put past mistakes behind. We all make mistakes because we are human.

Forgiveness allows us to leave hate behind and spend our energy on more constructive pursuits, such as enjoying time with our friends or family.