Yoga for Busy People

How to add yoga to your daily schedule? You can’t just start doing yoga asana in the middle of the office. You can take other aspects of yoga and use them throughout your day. Practice awareness of your surroundings it easier said then done but once you get the hang of it you will notice that you are more aware of what is happening around you. You will enjoy life more and your senses will bring you closer to everyday occurrences that you may not have noticed before. A walk down the street while practicing awareness will show you the beauty of nature and give you peace and a calmness that will make your day more enjoyable.

By being in tune with your surroundings, you will be in control and that control will be conveyed by the language you use with people. When you are in a business meeting and you are in complete awareness of your environment you will be able to give very helpful input. Know what is happening in your body and be aware of your mental state. Do you need numerous cups of coffee with sugar to get through your day then transform your diet or get more sleep or both.

Another yoga technique to practice is .correct breathing. You can not be alert if you are not breathing properly throughout the day. Every cell in your body needs oxygen to function correctly and be in optimum health, do not deprive yourself of this energy source. Take time to breathe deeply. Take slow, deep breaths that fill your diaphragm with the needed oxygen. Exhale until your lungs are empty, that helps get rid of toxins in your system. When you are breathing correctly, your body will automatically relax. Your neck loosens up and your shoulders relax. Do this simple exercise, inhale deeply as you count slowly to 3-4, hold it for the same count, and then exhale to that count. You will find you have more vigor and after a while, this healthy breathing will be automatic with you.